Tuesday, September 30, 2008

…AND IN THIS CORNER… An Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Brice Ritani-Coe Part 2

Here's Part 2 of the interview I had with my man Brice. He's hanging out and working hard in Las Vegas. In this installment we'll look at the work it takes to be on top of your game in Mixed Martial Arts and take a peek at the good things that come to you when you follow your dreams.

Rahsaan: What kind of stuff do u do for strength and conditioning?

Brice: We do stuff like that and then add on afew other things! The rounds go for 5 minutes! On other days we do 5 minute rounds of running up hill or on a treadmill and mix different strength exercise 30 seconds and then sprint uphill 30 seconds.

Rahsaan: Who have you trained with since you have been in Vegas?

Brice: People I've trained with since I've been in Vegas and at Xtreme couture:
-Randy Couture - was also in my corner for my pro debut at the Thomas and Mack center
-Ray Sefo - held pads for him and have been sparring with him frequently. We have become good friends and he even said I'm like his younger brother.
-Wanderlei Silva - just afew rounds of sparring at the gym during pro class.
-Mike Whitehead - sparred with him and he has helped me out with my wrestling.
-Mike Pyle - sparred him once, he kicked my ass so now I avoid him during sparring days.
-Martin Kampman - The Hitman hits hard.... all i have to say!
-Joey Varner - 1st person I met at Xtreme Coutrue. He noticed that I had some good stand up and put the good word in for me to train in the pro class.
-Tyson Griffen - dropped me with leg kicks, really embarrasing.
-Forrest Griffen - helped out with sparring for his fight with Rampage! He kicked my ass
-Heath Herring - helped out with the sparring for his fight with Brock Lesner-Chris Byrd - still quick and slick. Sparred with him at UNLV boxing gym, Ray Sefo's faster.
-Hassem Rahman - Sparred with him.
-Doug Vinney - He's preparing for his fight in the K1. He came over with Sefo and is training with him.

Ummm there's some more but i think thats enough for now.

Rahsaan: Man, that is TOO COOL!!

Brice: Oh wait
- Jay Heiron - this guy owes me lunch!
- Gray Maynard, Mac Danzig, Amir Sodala, Frank Trigg, Tim Krager, Shawn Tompkins, Robert Drysdale, John Alessio, Ron Frazier, Jay White, Phil Fredmann, Gina Carano, Phil Baroni, Johnny Hendrix, Takanori Gomi, Hermes Franka, Chris Ben, Vitor Belfor, Dennis Davis, Josh Haynes, Alex Shroenauer, Goran Reijec, Joe Stevenson, bro the list goes on and on and on! I've trained with most nearly all of these guys except a few of the light weights. They in the gym training at the same time, though.

Rahsaan: Sweet, but yeah, Stay away from us little guys. LOL.

How did you come to the decision to just pack up an leaveto come to the States? was it something you planned for a while? What did your family think?

Brice: I broke my hand in a ameture boxing fight. My dream was to go to Beijing and box for New Zealand, but after broke my hand couldn't box so i stayed fit by working on my muay thai and then started learing BJJ and Judo and fell in love with it! I figured, FUCK IT!! I'm young, lets do it!!

I came up with the decision to leave Queenstown NZ on a whim, it took me 2 weeks to get out of town. I just had to get out and do something with myself other than stay in Queenstown and just keep doing the same old stuff.

I moved to canada to train with a friend but they didn't have what i needed. I asked the trainer Jason Hiet where I should train in the states and he said Xtreme Couture! I was in Canada for a month then after he said those words, I left that weekend!

Rahsaan: That's HARDCORE. It's amazing to hear about people that have a dream and then say FUCK IT and make the decision to just DO IT. Just going out there and trying it, doing it regardless of the consequences, is the hardest part of ANY dream. Getting into the ring, that's the fun part, that's easy.

What's been your favorite memory in the States so far?

Brice: I was in the US for 6 months by myself and was doing a long distance relationship, I had my birthday by myself, I had a 2 fights and no one but myself to celebrate with and then my girl moved here from New Zealand. Meeting her at the Airport was just the best feeling in the world!!!

I promised her that I wouldn't go down the strip or go out or anything with out her and I did it!! I didn't go down the strip once!! When I was staying at Planet Hollywood for my fight, I went the back roads to get there. I didn't party once, not even after Forrest Griffens win. I was invited to the After Party and also my own after party of my own fight! I stayed at the hotel by myself just chilling patiently waiting for my girl to get here! Sophie Catherine Hyde is that person. I waited 6 months to do all the cool stuff of vegas with her. And it was all worth it!! Second to that was when Randy Coutrue knew my 1st name lol Theres some other cool memorys but they are the coolest ones!!!

Rahsaan: WOW

Well, now I'm speechless. So with that... Good Luck Dawg!!! I expect nothing but big things from you. Keep in touch.